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AK Chix Coffee Hut

254 US Route 5 N, Fairlee, VT 05045

Main Street in Fairlee, VT



A coffee company for adventurers on the go.


AK Chix Coffee Company

AK Chix Coffee Company is here to bring you a fast local brew, with a smile, at the right price.  Life on the go?  Drive through service is for you.  Want to savour and relax, walk-up and chill out! 



The three AK Chix

We are three ladies with Alaskan roots who love spending time together and are full of adventure.  Having moved to the Lower 48 and now Upper Valley in our travels, we have taken notice that are no "coffee huts" like back in the 49th State of Alaska.  On most every corner are small, quaint, to-go coffee cafe's.  Combine that, our love of coffee, conversation and time together and viola...AK Chix is born! We love music, meeting new people, staying local and, well, lets face it . . . talking!  We are committed to staying local, hiring local, finding the best local blends and brews, and brining them to you.  Jolene, Delaney and Allie make up the AK Chix and we are excited to share this new adventure together.  So stop in, say hi and enjoy local.  Fairlee, Orford and beyond.

Live.  Love.  Travel.